How to Find The Right Lawyer

In life, we are always trying to find the right fit for us. From shoes to jeans to cars to our potential partner, we will go to numerous stores, car lots, and go on numerous dates to find the right fit for us. Finding a good lawyer is no different. When searching for a lawyer […]

What are the Differences Between an Attorney and Lawyer?

You might think attorneys and lawyers are the same thing, but they aren’t. Though both have law degrees and are able to represent clients in court cases, they do approach legal matters from different angles. So how do you know which one to hire in times of need? How will you know which one will […]

How to Initiate a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

In personal injury cases, a lawsuit typically begins when the plaintiff or victim, files a complaint against the at-fault party in a court of law. These complaint documents are oftentimes very complex and technical and spell out all the pertinent facts and specific laws that the defendant has violated. They also explain the plaintiff’s wishes […]

What Does Settling A Personal Injury Case Mean?

Personal injury cases are typically settled in one of two ways. Either a settlement is negotiated out of court or you have a lawyer litigate on your behalf in front of a judge and jury. Irrespective of the method to seek compensation, an expert lawyer will ensure that you get a fair amount. The following […]

Reasons a Lawyer would Sue Your Insurance Company

In personal injury claims and lawsuits, most legal firms often see insurance companies playing a significant role in these cases. Although the victim pays them a monthly premium to protect them against any liability in an accident, you may discover that your insurer is not your friend when filing a personal injury claim. Typically, they […]