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The law office of Marcelo Saenz understands injury law.

Closing Cases Since 1990

Since 1990, Marcelo Saenz has helped thousands of people involved in traffic accidents, accidents at work and those whom have had difficulty claiming compensation for their accidents. Your signature offers a simple and effective process to deal with the legal process of your accident and we will accompany you from your first consultation until the signing of the final document. In all of our years of service we have successfully represented thousands of accident victims and have helped them receive the compensation they and their families deserve.


“What do we do?”

We will talk to all those people and companies involved in the accident, we will get all the information of the insurance policy as well as any pertinent information that is available. We will handle the negotiation between you and your insurance company until we can reach an arrangement that is what you expect, in addition to covering unpaid medical bills. In those cases where it is necessary to go to court, we will do all the necessary investigation, we will accompany you step by step giving a representation from the beginning to the end.

“How long does the process take?”

Each case is different so it is very difficult to anticipate the exact time that will take each one, although on average it can take from 12 to 18 months. Although most of the cases do not go to court, if your request requires it could take some time. How long you have received medical treatment is also an important factor, since we will not know how much money is fair to claim if we do not know how much medical expenses are. Other things that can delay the process are the insurance companies that do not cooperate with the case or large sums of money that must be negotiated. However, despite these factors, you can be sure that our firm will manage everything in the most efficient and efficient way possible.

“How much compensation can I expect?”

It is very difficult to promise a certain amount of money, each case is different and the amount of money you will receive will depend on how severe your injuries are at the time of the accident, what type of treatment you have received, what insurance company you have, how much money you have cost your medical treatment and how much has affected your income. What we can promise is a professional legal representation and always seek the maximum compensation possible according to your case.

“How much do you charge?”

Like most legal firms, we charge a percentage of the money recovered in your favor. This percentage may vary depending on the type of case and whether or not you are going to court.

“How long does the process take?”

For benefits like Social Security, Food Stamps, or Housing Assistance, there are different steps we will need to take to protect you from possible disqualification until we can come up with a settlement that is right for you.

“Who compensates my lost salary?”

This will also depend on each case. Sometimes personal injury protection insurance can also pay for your Wage Loss. This can also be part of the negotiation of your case.

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Marcelo Saenz’s legal firm has helped thousands of people like you. Whether you had an accident at work or driving a vehicle, we will make sure that your case gets the right attention to getting the compensation you deserve. Initiating legal action may raise some doubts which is why we provide a quick and easy process to deal with those details that emerge in an accident case. We will give you our total guarantee of service from your first consultation until the final agreement of your case. You do not have to suffer because of medical bills or loss of salary due to an accident. Call us today and we will help you achieve the compensation you deserve and take care of you and your family.

“And the best thing is, you will not pay us a penny until we win your case!”

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