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Slip and Fall Accidents

When accidents happen, victims suffer. In the case of a slip and fall accident, the victim is injured due to a slip, fall, or trip on the property of another or on public property.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are up. In fact, car accidents are the leading cause of death and injury today. According to the National Safety Council, there was over a 40% increase in traffic accidents in the last two years.

Work Accidents

When you have been injured at work, an injury lawyer who specializes in work accidents can help represent your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Workers compensation alone may not be enough after a workplace injury.

Product Liability

In today’s vast commerce system, trusted products we use daily can often result in injury or danger. Dangerous products that are designed, manufactured, and sold to an unsuspecting consumer often put them at risk of injury or even death.

Workers Compensation

Injuries on the job happen each day and range from simple to extremely complex. With our vast and varied population and our rise in new building, agriculture, and industry, we see more hazardous and extreme working conditions each day.

Scholarship Fund

The Marcelo Saenz Scholarship Fund is awarded to international students with unmet financial need to help pay for tuition, books and fees.

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