Reasons a Lawyer would Sue Your Insurance Company

In personal injury claims and lawsuits, most legal firms often see insurance companies playing a significant role in these cases. Although the victim pays them a monthly premium to protect them against any liability in an accident, you may discover that your insurer is not your friend when filing a personal injury claim. Typically, they will pay part of the liability costs when you’re involved in an accident while the at-fault driver’s insurer should compensate you for damages and your injuries.

Unfortunately, it rarely works out that way without some type of legal intervention on the injury victim’s behalf. What you need to remember is that insurance companies are more concerned about protecting their bottom line, not your best interests. You also need to be aware of the fact that these companies are expert manipulators of the law. They will pressure an injury victim into settling their case early for a much smaller settlement amount than what that person deserves. This will not help you cover your expenses and you won’t even get another chance to file for compensation.

Should I sue my own Insurer?

No matter how minor or severe your injuries are, you should always consider having an experienced personal injury lawyer in Miami represent you and your case whether it’s during negotiations or if it goes to court. Consequently, if your insurance company fails to do what you are paying them to do, you may want to consider contacting a personal injury legal firm for assistance with your claim and case. Be sure you find a firm that has years of experience and expertise when dealing with insurance companies.

What to consider

Most personal injury claims and lawsuits can be extremely complex in nature and take a great deal of time and patience to resolve the issues that may be relative to your case. If you feel that the insurance company’s settlement offer was not fair and reasonable or they’ve denied your claim altogether, you should probably consider talking to a lawyer. If you decide that you want to take legal action against your insurance company, there are two things to keep in mind.

First, if you have legal representation, they will too. Second, filing a lawsuit against your insurance company is going to significantly alter the relationship you’ve had with them over the years. Marcelo Saenz and his legal team have helped thousands of people just like you for many years. As your lawyer, he will get you the compensation you are deserving of and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process. For more information, call us today.

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